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Prophecy Conference

What is Biblical prophecy and why is it important?

Prophecy is not predicting the future. God has already told us what is to come. Prophecy is proclaiming a warning. It is helping people understand the day in which we live and to know what to do.

Why is prophecy important? Do you realize 25% of the Bible is prophecy. Some has already been fulfilled; much is still yet in our future. Because of the many Old Testament prophecies promising the coming Messiah, we know without a doubt that Jesus is Lord, that He is the promised Messiah. We know this because of all the prophecies His coming to earth fulfilled.

I would like to invite you to our Prophecy conference in November. We have some outstanding speakers lined up whose topics will be relevant to understanding the day in which we live. Biblical prophecies acknowledge that we are living in some very exciting times. Don’t miss this November event. It will be life changing.

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