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Genesis Bible Study

The Genesis Bible Study meets weekly on Wednesday's from 6:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. MST. You can join the study live on Facebook or YouTube or you can watch on demand here.

Genesis provides an amazing picture of God’s Faithfulness: Genesis is a wonderful example of God’s faithfulness even when the people

He made promises to become the greatest threat to the fulfillment of God’s promises. Genesis is about Grace:

  • God’s grace kept Adam & Eve from the death penalty

  • God’s grace allowed Cain to have a mark of protection

  • God’s grace preserved the human race with the Ark

  • The Tower of Babel is the story where God’s grace is withheld

Genesis is about Creation:

  • God is the subject of the very first sentence

  • Creation is about God first, then the universe, then the earth

  • Created is ONLY used of God in Scripture

  • The first 3 days of creation, God described the forming of the earth, the last 3 days is about the filling of the earth.

  1. Day 1 – the gods of light & darkness are dismissed

  2. Day 2 – the gods of sky and sea are dismissed

  3. Day 3 – the gods of earth and vegetation are dismissed

  4. Day 4 – the gods of sun, moon and stars are dismissed

  5. Day 5 – the gods with animal association are dismissed

  6. Day 6 – established that humans are not divine

  • Egypt taught and worshipped many gods; Israel was to worship only one

The four-fold pattern of Genesis:

  • Sin is described

  • God announces the penalty for the sin

  • God extends grace

  • God punishes the sin

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