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Better Than Broadway

Have you ever been to a Broadway play?

In NYC there are 41 professional theatres that have 500 or more seats that make up what is called Broadway. Broadway theatres are located in the Theater District and Lincoln Center in New York. Not all, but most shows on Broadway are musicals. Theatre first became popular in New York in 1750.

From 1775 to 1798, because of the American Revolution theatre in New York was suspended. But by the 1830’s and 1840’s, Shakespeare plays were famous on Broadway.

In 1865, Edwin Booth became a notable American actor who had gained a worldwide reputation for his title role performances in Hamlet. He played the role for 100 consecutive performances. If the name sounds familiar, he is the older brother of actor John Wilkes Booth, the man who assassinated President Abraham Lincoln.

By the late 1800’s when transportation in New York city improved, poverty diminished, and street lighting made for safer night travel. the number of theatre audiences grew immensely as plays were then able to run longer and draw in large audiences. This led to better profits and improved values in the productions.

In 1982, the 97th Congress introduced house bill “H.R.6885, a bill to designate the Broadway/Times Square Theatre District as a national historic site”, however the bill was not passed.

The longest running show on Broadway is Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Phantom of the Opera, which opened January, 1988. On February 11, 2012, it became the first Broadway musical to ever surpass 10,000 performances. And by November of 2016, the musical had been performed over 12,000 times in 28 years.

Cats, Momma Mia, Chicago Boys and Jersey Boys all did well financially but the highest grossing Broadway play was The Lion King at $1,463,250,222.



Our President, Donald Trump has tested positive with Covid19.

The first debate between the two presidential candidates has caused quite a stir because of its tone and aggressive responses.

The election is 30 days away.



NYC announced this week that the New Year’s Eve ball dropping event is cancelled; it will all be virtual. It is the first time in 114 years that a massive crowd will not be packed in Times Square watching the ball drop in person.

The Centers for Disease Control have released a "helpful" set of guidelines for upcoming holidays. Celebrating Halloween or Thanksgiving as we did in the "old normal" is out of the question. Consider a "virtual" Thanksgiving.



The New England Journal of Medicine has called for mandating a coronavirus vaccine, and outlined strategies for how Americans could be FORCED to take it.

It also suggests that active-duty military service members should be among the first that are forced into the vaccination.



On Thursday, October 1st, earthquake swarms continue to rattle southern California. Several hundred earthquakes have struck an area near the Salton Sea in 36 hours, with more than 150 2.5 or greater magnitude earthquakes in just 24 hours.



Iran, Egypt and Gulf cautiously watch the Azerbaijan-Armenia conflict. The region is watching because of Turkey’s deep involvement in pressuring Azerbaijan to push forward and “liberate” territory as protests take place in Iran.

Turkey’s ruling party, which has close relations with Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, wants the region to see the conflict as an “Islamic” conflict.

Two Boeing E-6B Mercury Aircraft Known As ‘Doomsday Planes’ Were Launched Moments After News of President Trump’s Positive COVID Diagnosis Revealed. Two Boeing 3-6B Mercury aircraft known as ‘Doomsday Planes’ for their ability to launch nuclear strikes were launched. And all this on the Feast of Trumpets, to boot!



Virginia Forces Christian Ministries to Adopt ‘Government Ideology’ or Pay $100K. Three Christian schools and a Christian network of pregnancy centers are suing Attorney General Mark Herring (D-Va.) in order to prevent Virginia from implementing two pro-LGBT laws that force “people of faith to adopt a particular government ideology under threat of punishment.” The two laws are to prevent “discrimination” against LGBT people but, in reality, they force Christian ministries to choose between violating their religious beliefs or paying hefty fines, as much as $100,000 per offense.

MONTGOMERY, Ala. — Four atheists have filed a federal lawsuit to challenge language on Alabama’s voter registration form that includes an oath ending with “So help me God.” The lawsuit says, “The Alabama Secretary of State is violating basic First Amendment freedoms by unconstitutionally compelling Alabama — and United States — citizens who want to register to vote to swear ‘so help me God’ in violation of their conscience.”

Tenn. School District Agrees Not to Allow Promotion of Christianity at Events, in Classroom Amid Lawsuit

CARTHAGE, Tenn. — A school district in Tennessee has agreed not to allow Christianity to be promoted by school officials or third parties, including in regard to the presentation of prayers at events, the reading of Scripture in the classroom or the posting of religious displays in hallways.

Two atheist families, represented by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Tennessee, sued the Smith County School System last November, claiming that Smith County middle and high schools were permitting the promotion of Christianity on a regular basis and that it made their children feel like outsiders. What did they do? There was a prayer before a football game and a football coach prayed with some players.



NYC Hammered By 40% Bankruptcy Surge, Braces For Next Wave From Bloomberg: While Wall Street hopes Washington can pass the next round of economic stimulus, the broader commercial real estate market continues to implode and nowhere more so than the epicenter in New York City, where nearly 6,000 business closures, has resulted in a 40% eruption in bankruptcy filings across business districts of all five boroughs this year.

The Most Miserable Place on Earth: Disney Firing 28,000 Workers In what may be the biggest mass layoff in recent history, Walt Disney unveiled its transformation to the most miserable place on earth, announcing that it would lay off 28,000 workers in its U.S. resort business, in the latest confirmation that the Covid pandemic continues to devastate all tourism and communal experiences.



Minn. Court of Appeals Rules School District ‘Discriminated’ Against Girl Who Sought to Use Boys’ Locker Room

ST. PAUL, Minn. — The Minnesota Court of Appeals, located in the capitol city named after the New Testament evangelist, has ruled that a female student who identifies as male, who was instructed to used an “enhanced privacy” area rather than the main section of the boys’ locker room, has a legitimate legal claim under the Equal Protection clause of the state constitution.



Survey Finds Only 2 Percent of Millennials Have Biblical Worldview.

The nationwide “American Worldview” survey conducted by Dr. George Barna and the Cultural Research Center at Arizona Christian University found that most millennials don’t have a biblical worldview. They are less likely to believe in absolute truth, to value the sanctity of human life or trust the Bible as the inerrant word of God.



From the Huffington Post, this Thursday, “Fearing Overturn of Roe, Attorney Jamie Smith Says Ginsburg’s Death ‘Pushed’ Her to Join the Satanic Temple.”


10 areas of culture and end times topics:











According to the Washington Examiner – October 1, 2020

61% say United States ‘on verge of civil war,’ 52% already preparing

October 01, 2020 03:43 PM

A majority of Americans are bracing for the possibility of a politically-fired civil war, and more than half are already stockpiling food and other essential items to survive and fight back, according to a new survey shared with Secrets. In the survey, 61% said that the United States is nearing a second civil war, including a shocking 41% who “strongly agree” with that assessment. And 52% are so convinced that it is just around the corner, or after Election Day, that they are putting away food and other essentials, an historic expansion of the prepper movement that has been brewing for years, now driven by fear and coronavirus-induced shortages.

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