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Are We on the Brink of Civil War?

Unlike his father who stayed away from public stances on issues that might divide the public, Franklin Graham addresses them. In a 2005 interview with the New York Times, Billy Graham explained why he tried to avoid controversial political topics, "If I get on these other subjects, it divides the audience on an issue that is not the issue I'm promoting."

Franklin's last prediction was that Brett Kavanagh would be a good supreme court justice. He spoke out very strongly in support of Kavanagh.

Before that? Well...

Since 2001, when he took control of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, he has called Islam "a very evil and wicked religion". He has questioned Barack Obama's citizenship and faith and he tweeted that he would not "bow down at the altar of the LGBTQ agenda nor worship their rainbow pride flag."

He just finished up an 8-city tour called Decision America Tar Heel State Tour. On this 8-city tour he talked about the whole idea of President Trump being impeached. He is quoted as saying, "Our country could begin to unravel if our president is impeached.". Franklin Graham issued a dire warning about the fate of the United States should the presidential impeachment inquiry started by the U.S. House lead to President Donald Trump's ouster.

On October 2nd, in an interview with the Religion News Service, Graham said, "Our country could begin to unravel if an elected president is thrown out of office because of lies and the media." "It could be a devastating thing. We're in very dangerous territory. I would encourage all the politicians to look very carefully at where we are and first of all make sure that truth is told."

Graham said the impeachment over Trump's interactions with the leader of Ukraine was a political move by a party that refuses to accept Trump's election victory three years ago.

This interview came on his 8-city Decision America Tour through his home state of North Carolina where he preached to an estimated 9,200 people in Fayetteville, NC. Graham has been planning the tour since last year as a follow up to the 50-state tour he took during the 2016 presidential election year.

The news of the Democratic House impeachment inquiry has given the tour a new urgency.


Robert Jeffress, pastor of First Baptist Church Dallas. This is a church of about 14,000. He has warned of a potential civil war if the House votes on impeachment and has accused Democrats of worshipping the pagan god, Moloch. Moloch was the god the Canaanites worshipped and the worship of Moloch included child sacrifice.

"FOX & Friends" interviewed Jeffress on Sunday where he said, "if President Trump is impeached, the Democrats will have started a division in America that will never heal. If the Democrats are successful in removing the President from office (which they will never be), it will cause a Civil War-like fracture in this nation from which our country will never heal."


The House's inquiry will look at allegations that Trump abused his power by pressuring Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden and Biden's son Hunter, who served on the board of a major Ukranian natural gas producer.

Asked about the substance of the inquiry, Franklin Graham suggested it was political theater. "This is nothing about nothing," Graham said. "It's just a huge distraction. The Democratic Party has refused to accept that (Trump) won the election. All the media and the polls showed he was going to lose and he won. He should be treated fairly and he hasn't been."

Asked again about the specifics of the case, Graham said, "I'm concerned about Joe Biden's son, who's known to be using cocaine." (In a New Yorker article in July, Hunter Biden, a lawyer and a lobbyist, said he had struggled with alcohol and drug addiction.)

Then Graham added "For him to be using his father, while his father was Vice President of the United States, to gain monetary value for himself, that should be looked into. That concerns me far more than having the President of the Ukraine look into the allegations into Joe Biden's son."


Earlier this summer, prior to special counsel Robert Mueller's congressional testimony after a 22-month-long investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election, Graham posted to Facebook a call for a "special day of prayer for the president." "I'm just burdened for him and his family that God would somehow protect him and get him through this."


Graham insists his Decision America Tour was not a political rally. I'm not encouraging people to vote for Trump. It's not a Trump rally. I don't encourage them to vote for a Democrat either. But I do encourage them to pray for our country. That's extremely important. If we don't, we could lose our country. We need to pray."


The Washington Times

'Trump' bound, abused appears in Dhvani's Times Square ad buy: "We're not afraid'

President Trump — held against his will and abused — is the focus of a new ad campaign by the athletic apparel company Dhvani. Portland.

Times Square ad space has been purchased for the #StandForSomething campaign, which features the commander in chief bound in red, white, and blue rope while an angry woman looming over him presses her foot on his face. “You’ll notice some significant changes at,” the Portland, Oregon based company tweeted Monday. “We realize that some of our customers won’t agree with our activism and that’s okay with us. We’re not afraid to make bold statements & exercise our first amendment rights.”


The Washington Examiner 10-18-19

Witch hunt: Occult Trump opponents plan Halloween spell to bind him

Thousands of occultists plan Halloween ‘spell’ ritual to ‘stop Trump’. Ritual participants are taking encouragement from the Democrats impeachment push in order to cast a ritualistic spell to prevent the administration from 'harming the country.' The ritual's participants are taking particular encouragement from the Democrats' recent launch of an impeachment inquiry, which they claim is a 'sign' their efforts are working. The ritual uses a photo of Trump, a tarot card, a stub of an orange candle, a pin, and a feather. Occultic participants call on the 'heavenly hosts, demons of the infernal realms, and spirits of the ancestors' to bind the president "so that his malignant works may fail utterly."

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