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44% Say This is God's Wakeup Call

BREAKING: White House warns 240,000 Americans could die from coronavirus. With this forecast, new poll finds 44% of Americans believe the virus is a “wake up call” to return to God and the Bible.

APRIL 1, 2020 By Joel C. Rosenberg in EPICENTER

WSJ & Washington Examiner

The White House issued a chilling warning on Tuesday: the “best case scenario” now is for upwards of 100,000 to 240,000 Americans to die as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

If proper social distancing measures aren’t followed, the numbers could spike beyond 1.5 million deaths, the experts said. The country will remain in near lockdown mode through April, at least, at devastating economic cost. But what other choice is there?

According to a new exclusive poll commissioned by The Joshua Fund on March 31st

It is little wonder, then, that 44% of Americans say this virus is a “wake up call” to return to God. Nearly 1/3 believe we are living in “what the Bible calls the last days.”

Nearly half of Americans (44%) say they believe that the coronavirus and resulting economic meltdown is a “wake-up call for us to turn back to faith in God,” and/or “signs of coming judgment”.

The Washington Examiner was the first to publish the story, “Poll: 29% see Biblical ‘last days,’ 44% say virus is God’s ‘wake-up call.'”

The survey was conducted March 23-26, 2020, by nationally respected pollsters McLaughlin & Associates. It was commissioned by The Joshua Fund, an Evangelical non-profit founded in

2006 by Joel C. Rosenberg. Rosenberg is a New York Times best-selling author of non-fiction and fiction books. He is best known for writing about “worst-case scenarios.”

In his 2006 book Epicenter: Why the Current Rumblings in the Middle East Will Change Your Future and his 2012 book Implosion: Can America Recover from Its Economic and Spiritual Challenges in Time? he wrote about pandemics.

This survey provides a fascinating window into how Americans see the COVID-19 pandemic and how it is dramatically increasing their interest in spiritual matters, “The results are clear: this global crisis is causing Americans to:

  • start reading the Bible

  • listen to Bible teaching and Christian sermons online even though they usually don’t

  • search online for teaching on Bible prophecy and God’s future for mankind

  • and engage in more spiritual conversations with family and friends

In the breakdown of The McLaughlin & Associates poll those who believe this crisis is a “wake-up call” back to faith in God includes:

  • 25% of self-identified “secular” Americans

  • 42% of Jewish Americans

  • 58% of Republicans

  • 41% of Democrats, including 34% of liberal Democrats and 47% of moderate Democrats.

Additionally, 22% of self-identified non-Christian respondents and 40% of Christian respondents indicate the global coronavirus pandemic and economic chaos have resulted in more interest in God and spiritual matters.

Rosenberg said, “Americans in near full lockdown are anxious, and understandably so. Yet millions are turning to God, the Bible and Christian sermons for answers, some of them for the first time. That may be the most important silver lining in this crisis so far.”

What’s more, nearly one-third of all Americans (29%) said they believe that this crisis indicates that “we are living in what the Bible calls the ‘last days.’” Broken down by demographic, this includes:

  • Nearly 30% of Jewish Americans

  • 30% of Democrats, including 27% of liberal Democrats and 34% of moderate

  • Democrats

  • 39% of Republicans

  • 37% of military households

  • 40% of African Americans

  • 50% of Hispanic Americans

  • 25% of White Americans

  • 28% of individuals 18-29

  • 33% of people age 30-40

  • 29% of people age 41-55

  • 33% of those between 56-65

  • 24% of seniors over 65


We are NOT in the Tribulation period… yet.

However… could God be preparing the world for His return?

We don’t know but we do KNOW there will be a day when global chaos will occur.


Isaiah 26:20-21

“ 20 Go, my people, enter your rooms and shut the doors behind you; hide yourselves for a little while until his wrath has passed by. 21 See, the LORD is coming out of his dwelling to punish the people of the earth for their sins. The earth will disclose the blood shed on it; the earth will conceal its slain no longer.”

Whenever God has undertaken to judge the wicked He has always protected His people, for He does not judge the righteous along with the wicked: God spared Noah and his family, the only righteous ones on the earth, during the Great Flood.

God would not destroy Sodom and Gomorrah until the angels had first driven out Lot and his family, the only righteous ones in the cities. God destroyed every one of the city of Jericho except those of Rahab’s household for she had become a woman of faith.

God caused all of the plagues in Egypt to only inflict the Egyptians while He protected His people from harm.

The Lord has a place picked out near Petra where He is planning to save the

faithful remnant of Israelites who come to accept Christ as their Messiah during the Tribulation period.

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