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Saturday, May 11, 2024

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IoT Technology Leads to IoB Technology
Recently, I spoke to a group of business entrepreneurs in Boise, Idaho. The topic of technology and its value came up, and when I mentioned IoT, they were taken aback. IoT stands for the Internet of Things, which is a network of smart devices and appliances embedded with sensors that collect and share data. Some of these devices may be convenient now, but one has to understand the bigger picture: Where does all this technology and data tracking lead to?

Personal IoT devices
I challenged some of these business professionals to list how many IoT devices they own and use. They have smart thermostats, security cameras, doorbells, and speakers in their house. They can turn their lights (using smart light bulbs) on and off; they can set the temperature in their house, and they all agreed their homes could be programmed to turn lights on at a particular time of day and heated or cooled all by using their smartphones. As much as they enjoy these conveniences and acknowledge they no longer need things like house keys as they now have keyless entries, they also understand how somebody could use this technology to gather and store personal information.

They had yet to consider the fact that they also have smart dishwashers, washers and dryers, microwaves, coffee makers, refrigerators, and even vacuum cleaners, all appliances that can operate remotely and are programmable for personal preferences. The consensus was that the kitchen is the hotspot for smart appliances, but these technologies are also expanding to other areas of the home. Whether it’s energy savings, convenience, or security, smart appliances are transforming our daily lives, but is this a good thing?

Zigbee, Z-wave, Thread and NFC
I believe this group of entrepreneurs represents the general public well. The average American is now used to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cloud technology, but what about Zigbee, Z-wave, Thread, or NFC (Near Field Communication)? Most people need to understand that when you use one form of technology, you are using multiple forms. Zigbee is a wireless technology used in many smart home devices, and its purpose is to allow devices to relay messages to each other. It’s hard to imagine your refrigerator knowing what your washing machine is programmed to do or that your ring doorbell is in communication with your smart TV, but that is precisely what is happening. Z-wave is used in smart switches and thermostats and has the ability to penetrate through walls as it sends information to other smart devices.

These devices are just the tip of the iceberg. The world of smart home technology continues to evolve, as does the underside of these networks. IoT has transformed the way we live and work. Industries such as manufacturing, transportation, agriculture, and healthcare have permanently embraced this technology, so there is no going back.

The general public may be aware of some of the risks associated with this technology, such as identity theft and personal tracking. However, relying on the use of strong passwords, frequently changing passwords, or choosing an MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication), such as requiring a password and digits to log on is not going to stop personal data from being collected and stored by Big Brother.

Establishing the antichrist kingdom

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network used to eventually set up the antichrist kingdom. Realize that when the antichrist does come on to the scene, he will not establish the technology or systems needed to advance the world into a one-world government, one-world financial system, or one-world religion. Everything the antichrist will need will already be established and commonly used and accepted by the general population.

IoB, the Internet of Behaviors
Why should any of this concern you? What if you like all the convenience this technology offers? What if you look forward to technology increasing even more? Please understand that technology will continue to advance but understand this is a slow erosion into total loss of privacy and freedom. IoT is just the first phase; IoB, the Internet of Behaviors, is the next phase. IoB’s purpose is to track and gather information on individuals, tracking how and when one uses technology. It analyzes data generated directly from your household digital devices and appliances, your wearable technology (such as smartwatches, fitness trackers, and Bluetooth headphones), and your online activity. Marketers tell us IoB, the Internet of Behaviors, is coming next, but, in reality, it is already here.

IoT is External, but IoB will be Internal
IoT is external, but IoB is internal, meaning this technology will go from being implanted in machines and appliances to being injected into our physical bodies. Today, chips are being implanted under the skin, often into the hand, and this second phase of control and oversight is beginning to gain acceptance. Carrying around your entire human history, medical records, credit scores, banking information, paying for groceries, or opening a locked door all by waving your hand is here. People seem excited to have access to this “new” technology.

The world is slowly declining, transitioning into the antichrist’s kingdom. Sadly, many of our friends, neighbors, and family have supported this decline. The allure of convenience is superseding the need for repenting and seeking Jesus. Advancement and acceptance of IoT and IoB technology eventually leads to the antichrist, but recognizing Godly wisdom leads to one seeking Jesus and the promise of eternity. Yes, technology can be used for good, but a lifestyle built upon self and convenience opposes seeking the Kingdom of God.

He Who Has Ears, Let Him Hear
The world is being set up to follow the deceptive voice and leading of the antichrist. Going back to the Torah and the words of Moses, I also wish to strongly proclaim that he who has ears, let him hear! In the Gospels of Matthew and Luke, Jesus explained to His disciples, “He who has ears to hear, let him hear.” This is a warning Jesus offered. He is calling for people to pay careful attention to His words. We have been told to pay attention to what is offered to us; the enemy seeks to kill and destroy. For now, the enemy’s deceitfulness is slowly being introduced, but the time will not be long before his deceit will be on full display; I pray for the sake of those who have ears to hear that we will be a sounding board to those who are being slowly led to slaughter.

IoT Technology leads to IoB technology, which leads to total and complete control and loss of privacy. I just pray it is only privacy people lose and not eternity. We are going to be offered more technology and we are going to be challenged to seek more convenience but each of us is going to have to choose how far we are willing to go in accepting or rejecting technology.

Maranatha Lord Jesus

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