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About Interpreting the Times

Interpreting the Times is part of the teaching ministry of Standing Stones Community Church, which was founded in 2005 by Dr. David Bowen. Pastor Dave who has been teaching / pastoring for 28 years, has had a deep burden to help people prepare for what 2012 and beyond may have in store. In November of 2010, Pastor Dave was approached about beginning a local radio ministry. Thus was the beginning of Interpreting the Times. The first program aired in July of 2011, starting on KXEG in Phoenix, Arizona. Since then Interpreting the Times has expanded to 10 more states. The website with current news and Biblical teaching was launched in February 2012. The goal is to help people stay up to date on current events as seen through Scripture. The Bible has very clear wording in regards to the coming events which is often phrased in Scripture as “In that day…”

 Pastor Dave does not try to take current events and make them “fit” into Biblical prophecy. He first relies on Scripture and then relates world events through the lenses of Scripture. Are we living “In that day”? No one knows, however, regardless if we are or are not, the world economy, global direction and global interaction will lead many people to seek an understanding. This website is designed to resource those who want to have a Biblical understanding and desire to be a “light” to a very dark world.

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