The #1 grossing movie in 2013 brought in $423,647,000 – that’s $423 million for just 1 film! What movie was that? The Hunger Games.

Hollywood is not known for having the greatest of values, so what is a Christian to do? Personally I don’t go to the movies very often because there just hasn’t been material that I wanted to see.  However I do recognize movies are a big part of our culture. I’ve never felt the need to be a part of that culture but I am always looking for ways to share the Good News of Jesus!

A TV mini-series was released last Easter 2013. It was simply called The Bible. It did amazingly well.  It did so well that it got the attention of Hollywood. Because of the broad success of The Bible mini-series Hollywood has responded with films due for release in 2014 that have more Biblical values then in previous years.  Now I am not endorsing these films nor am I endorsing what Hollywood produces. I am however looking forward to have conversations with those who do see these films.

2014 is being called the year of the Bible. The following list is some movies that are due to be released in the next few months.

Title                                                  Release date                   Theme

  1. Son of God                                          2/28                The Story of Jesus
  2. God’s Not Dead                                3/21                 College Philosophy
  3. Noah                                                     3/28                The Ark / Flood
  4. Heaven is For Real                         4/16                True Story of Pastor’ Son
  5. Mom’s Night Out                             5/9                  Motherhood: Meaning & Purpose
  6. Persecutors                                       5/9                  Religious Freedoms
  7. Alone Yet Not Alone                    6/13                 God will never leave you
  8. When the Game Stands Tall      8/22                Virtues and life lessons
  9. Left behind                                       Summer          Rapture
  10. The Letters                                      9/5                    Mother Teresa
  11. Ragamuffin                                     Limited            Rich Mullins
  12. The Unfair Movie                        TBD                  Corruption, Cover-ups-Abuse

Let’s take a closer look at each of these films:

The Son of God is from the producers of The Bible mini-series. While filming the mini-series they decided to shoot some extra scenes and produce a film for theatrical release. Will you see some scenes that are not 100% scripturally correct? Yes. The question is as a believer what do you do?

I do not look to Hollywood to tell me the story – I have read the book and the book is much better! However, we all have a choice. We can completely ignore these films because they do not perfectly conform to Scripture or we can use these films as tools. Because of the money the studios are putting behind these films – people are going to see them. What then? Can we use these films as a door to have deeper conversations? Can we correct any Scripture errors that these films correct? That is heavy on my heart. When people see a movie like Noah – and they will, I don’t want them to think what they are saw on screen is 100% Biblical! I want to be able to correct the errors and explain the truth. The movie may be an adaptation of the Biblical account but it is NOT totally Biblical.

If you see the trailer to Noahyou may have a desire to go see the film. If you do you may be upset. The trailer does not show some scenes that if you knew they were in the movie, you probably wouldn’t have seen it.

Noah has 3 sons who have wives. In the movie only 1 of his sons has a wife. She is pregnant and gives birth to twin girls. Wives for his brothers?

Only Noah and his family get on the ark. In the movie the villain breaks through the pitch and gets on the ark. He does not get off because Noah kills him.

There is an environment agenda (cutting down trees). There is an evolution theme and there are some magical arts.

Because Noah is a project of a major studio, because Noah has a major star, people are going to go see it. Please plan to engage these movie goers with the truth. Not engaging people after the film could be a huge mistake. 

Another movie coming out is called God’s Not Dead. This is a story about a college student who has to take a philosophy class. In fact in order to graduate he has to pass this philosophy class. However in order to get a passing grade the college professor insists that every student sign a declaration stating that God is dead.

This young student is a believer and can NOT agree with such a statement. The movie then is based on this young man’s story of proving that God is indeed alive. There a great question here – if YOU had to prove that God is alive – COULD YOU do it?  This storyline is happening across our nation on university campuses everywhere!

Another move staring Greg Kinnear is  Heaven is For Real. It a story about a pastor’s son who sees into heaven. Obviously people have many questions about heaven. Thanks to Hollywood, here is a tool to have some wonderful conversations with friends, co-workers, neighbors and family about heaven.

There is a comedy coming out starring Patricia Heaton called Mom’s Night Out. Our culture has been attacking the family structure and especially marriage. The family is the foundation of society. This movie is funny but more importantly it highlights the value of the family and especially motherhood. Andrea Logan White also stars in this film and if you get a chance to hear her testimony, I’ve heard it and it is amazing!

I recently saw the trailer to a movie called Persecutors. This is a political thriller. It deals with our Religious Freedoms. The main character is the last holdout to sign the new religious equality bill and because he refuses to sign this bill he is set up and framed. If you like thrillers, this is going to be a fun film. More importantly if you were in his place – would you be silent or would you stand your ground?!

On June 13th, Father’s Day a movie called Alone Yet Not Alone is scheduled for release in 185 cities. This movie is based on the song. It is a true story about historical events. The main message of this film is that God will never leave you!

This August a film called When the Game Stands Tall which is based on the true story of the De La Salle Spartans, a high school football team. Coached by Bob Ladouceur this high school team had TWENTY undefeated seasons! This film stars Jim Caviezel, Michael Chiklis and Laura Dern.  The message of this film is about what happens when adversity hits and when it is all said and done what is important. What has more value and purpose, winning or character?

There is a Left Behind film due for release. This NOT the one with Kirk Cameron. This one stars Nicholas Cage. If nothing else this movie will give believers a chance to have conversation about the Rapture and what happens to those left behind.

Just after Labor Day there is a movie about Mother Teresa due for release. The film is entitled The Letters. The film takes real letters that Mother Teresa wrote to friends and spiritual advisors. The letters will deal with the darkness she felt and the struggles of ministering to the poor.

Rich Mullins was a success. He was a musician who wrote songs like “Our God is an Awesome God”. But what does that mean? To some it means fame and fortune. Mullins achieved that however that was not what he wanted. He left the spotlight to live on a Navajo reservation. His story is told in the film Ragamuffin.

The Unfair Movie which is a film about a radio talk show host who exposes and highlights corruption, cover-ups and the abuse of power.

Why is Hollywood making all of these films? Simple. Because of the success of The Bible mini-series. Hollywood is going to produce movies that people will pay to see. The content is second, the box office is what drives Hollywood.

Now that you are aware of what is coming out over the next few months – you have some choices to make. You can ignore these films. You can go see these films. Whatever your decision, let me encourage you to engage people in conversation over these films. I have always believed before the end comes God will give the church a chance for revival. Can Hollywood be giving the church a few tools to have conversations that matter and may lead to others coming to the saving knowledge of who Jesus is and what he did? Maybe. If so, that will be revival!

God bless you. 

The Jewish Talmud says; “When the moon is in eclipse, it is a bad omen for Israel. Therefore: A Lunar Eclipse = bad omen for the Jewish people and Israel; A Solar Eclipse = bad omen for the world. 

What is a Blood Moon?  It is a total lunar eclipse. When there are 4 Blood Moons (without a partial eclipse in between) this is called a Tetrad. 

Every time, in the last 600 years, when a blood moon pattern (tetrads) have appeared on Jewish feast days a big event has occurred that affected the nation of Israel and/or the world.

Historically the event affecting Israel began the year of or the year just before the actual years of the blood moons.

In April of 2014 the first of 4 blood moons will appear.

To understand what could happen in the 2014 – 2015 “blood moons” one must understand the pattern of blood moons in the past.

 The prophet Joel spoke of the moon looking blood red – when? In the end days.

 Joel 2:31

The sun will be turned to darkness and the moon to blood  before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord.”

 Acts 2:20 – Peter quoting from Joel

The sun will be turned to darkness and the moon to blood before the coming of the great and glorious day of the Lord.”

Let’s look at the history of tetrad, 4 blood moons, which fall on Biblical Feasts. To gather this information one can look at the NASA website. NASA has a record of total eclipses going back a couple thousand years as well as a prediction of future eclipses.

NASA records that there have been “blood-red moons” on the first day of Passover and the first day of Tabernacles on back-to-back years nine times since 1 A.D.

Four PARTIAL lunar eclipses occurred on the Jewish Passover in 32 AD – 33 AD and the “Feast of Tabernacles” in the years before and after the Crucifixion of Jesus.  The world has since witnessed seven more “Tetrads” coinciding with events impacting Jewish and Christian culture.

Seven Jewish total lunar eclipses have occurred in the last 1800 years.

Four TOTAL lunar eclipses occurred on the Jewish Passover and Feast of Tabernacles.

1.) Blood Moon Date – 162 – 163 AD,

This date coinciding with some of the worst persecution of Jews and Christians in the history of the Roman Empire.

2.) 795-796  – Israel Not a nation

3.) 842-843 – Israel Not a nation

4.) 860-861 – Israel Not a nation

5.) Blood Moon Date – 1493-1494

The event concurring with these blood moons was 1492 Spanish Inquisition.

1500’s no blood moons on feast days

  • 1600’s no tetrads
  • 1700’s no tetrads
  • 1800’s no tetrads

6.) Blood Moon Date – 1949-1950

The Event concurring with these blood moons was 1948 when Israel becomes a nation, is immediately attacked and goes to war the very next day

7.) Blood Moon Date – 1967- 1968

Feasts – Passover/Tabernacle

The Event concurring with these blood moons was the 6-day war. Israel takes back Old Jerusalem, including the Western Wall, the Gaza strip, the Sinai, and the Golan Heights.

To really understand the significance of the blood moons falling on Passover and the Feast of Tabernacles one should have an understanding Jewish Feasts & Months.

The 9th of AV: Av is the fifth month of the Hebrew Calendar. It is a time of mourning for the Jews.  Why? On the 9th of Av, this was the day the 10 spies returned and gave a bad report and refused to enter the Promised Land. Amazingly,

This is also the date both temples were destroyed. (on the same day, but 656 years apart) This date also commemorates other tragic events throughout Jewish history such as Jews being expelled from England in 1290 and from Spain in 1492.

2014 & 2015 Dates according to NASA’s Eclipse Website for the next Blood Moons


Total lunar eclipse: April 15 (Passover – Nissan, the 1st month)
Total lunar eclipse: October 8 (Feast of Tabernacle – Tishri, the 7th month)


Total lunar eclipse: April 4
Total lunar eclipse: September 28

Why do total lunar eclipses appear as blood redThey appear reddish because sunlight from all of Earth’s sunrises and sunsets is scattered by the Earth’s atmosphere and falls on the surface of the eclipsed moon.

By the way, NASA will not be using the term Blood Moon to describe these four upcoming lunar eclipses. They see the term “Blood Moon” as being a religious term.

A tetrad is four successive total lunar eclipses, with no partial lunar eclipses in between.

 Let’s look at the last 3 Blood Moon events…

 The Blood Moons of 1493-1494

1492 The Spanish Inquisition:

An Inquisition was a tribunal of the Roman Catholic Church established for the investigation of heresy.

This was a tribunal court system used by both the Catholic Church to root out, suppress and punish heretics.

Tribunals which were a type of trial where the judge (or judges) tries the accused and passes judgment.

But these trials were unique in several ways. The accused was required to testify, and he didn’t get a lawyer or any assistance. If he refused to testify, the judge took this refusal as proof of his guilt.

Anybody could testify against him, including relatives, criminals and other heretics, and he wasn’t told who his accusers were.

The accused usually didn’t have any witnesses testify on his behalf, because they could also fall under suspicion of being a heretic.

He also wasn’t always immediately informed of the charges against him.

The court traveled the country conducting tribunals.

Those that confessed escaped torture and extreme punishment but were forced to denounce any other heretics.

An inquisition can be run by both civil and church authorities in order to root out non-believers from a nation or religion.

The Spanish Inquisition was one of the most deadly inquisitions in history.

The Spanish Inquisition was unique in that it was established by secular rulers, King Ferdinand II and Queen Isabella, with the approval of the Pope.

The Spanish Inquisition was supposed to reveal heretics.

What it really did was banish all Jews from Spain.

This was an attack against Jews.

Evidence was gathered to identify those considered to secretly remain Jewish.

On the Sabbath, was smoke absent from their chimneys?

Did they buy certain vegetables just before Passover?

Did they purchase meat from only a certain butcher?

If found guilty one was often burned at the stake.

During this time Jews were not allow to have community influence.

They were barred from holding public office.

They could not be doctors.

They could not lend money and collect interest.

They were kept out of schools.

Still some faithfully continued to practice Judaism.

In school we learned that “In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue”. 1492 is also an important date in Jewish history.

By July 30th 1492 over 200,000 Jews had been expelled from Spain.

August 1st was a deadline date given to Jews. Be gone by then or face the consequences.

In August of 1492 Columbus set sail on his voyage of discovery.

What people don’t realize is that his journey was financed by money confiscated from the Jewish people.

Reasons for the Inquisition were to create religious unity and to rid the land of heretics. However money was another motive — the government made a profit by confiscating the property of those found guilty of heresy.

Before a trial took place, a month of grace was allowed to all who wished to confess to heresy and to recant.

After the period of grace, persons accused of heresy who had not recanted were brought to trial. The defendants were not given the names of their accusers, Most trials resulted in a guilty verdict.

Burning at the stake was thought to be the fitting punishment for unrecanted heresy.

Those conducting these trials were usually better educated and better versed in the Bible than their subjects. They were also specifically trained in how to question them in confusing or leading ways. Often this “training” involved torture.

The rack was a well-known torture method.

The subject had his hands and feet tied or chained to rollers at one or both ends of a wooden or metal frame.

The torturer turned the rollers with a handle, which pulled the chains or ropes in and stretched the subject’s joints, often until they dislocated.

Just seeing someone else being tortured on the rack was enough to make another person confess.


The Blood Moons of 1949-1950:

In 1948 Israel became a nation, was attacked and went to war the very next day.

  • Blood Moon on Passover – April 13, 1949
  • Blood Moon on Feast of Tabernacles – October 7, 1949
  • Blood Moon on Passover – April 2, 1950
  • Blood Moon on Feast of Tabernacles – September 26, 1950

The books of Daniel, Ezekiel, and Revelation all describe end-time events that reference Israel as a nation. However, Israel becoming a nation again is something church leaders/teachers of the Reformation period could not imagine.

Israel never being a nation again is weaved into their writings and teachings.

Then after 1,878 years, at 4pm on May 14th 1948 – a miracle takes place. Israel is once again a nation.

In Tel Aviv, David Ben-Gurion proclaims the State of Israel. In an afternoon ceremony at the Tel Aviv Art Museum, Ben-Gurion pronounced the words “…authorities of the State in accordance with the Constitution which shall be adopted by the Elected Assembly not later than the 1st October 1948, the People’s Administration, shall be the Provisional Government of the Jewish State, to be called “Israel”.

The prophet Isaiah prophesized that Israel would be born in a day, and she was…

Isaiah 66:7-8

“Before she goes into labor, she gives birth; before the pains come upon her,
she delivers a son.
Who has ever heard of such things? Who has ever seen things like this?
Can a country be born in a day or a nation be brought forth in a moment?
Yet no sooner is Zion in labor than she gives birth to her children.

The Blood Moons of 1967- 1968:

The 6-day war:   The armies of Egypt, Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon mobilized over 260,000 troops against Israel

Israel took back Old Jerusalem, including the Western Wall, the Gaza strip, the Sinai, and the Golan Heights.

In 1979, Israel and Egypt signed an historic peace agreement in which Israel returned the Sinai in exchange for Egyptian recognition and peace.

The 2014-2015 NASA eclipse schedule:
What does all of this mean?

Is this an omen of a major development that will take place, a development that will most likely have a significant impact on the Jewish people? If so, will it have an impact on the rest of the world?

Will there be war?

Will there be a financial collapse?

Some are saying that the 4 blood moons will end with the Return of Christ.

Biblically we know this cannot be. Why? There simply isn’t enough time between now and 2015 for

  • The seven year Tribulation period.
  • The Jewish Temple to be rebuilt.
  • The Antichrist to be revealed

So what do we do with all of this?

These events and the attention they will gather can and should be used to help win people to the Lord.

Use the blood moons to explain that a day is coming, and it’s probably not far off, when Jesus will return and before that amazing event, people need to be right with God. Let the crazy of the 4 blood moons help people get right with God!

This is an actual headline.
(You can read the article on our Facebook page)
This was an actual training.
More on this in a moment…

 The Beginning of Birth Pains
Mathew 24

In the Gospel of Matthew, the disciples are with Jesus and they coming out of the temple and they comment on how amazing this building is…

Jesus then begins talking about end times – The Olivet Discourse.
Discourse means teaching, Olivet because it took place on the Mt of Olives .

Matthew 24

“As Jesus was sitting on the Mount of Olives, the disciples came to him privately. “Tell us,” they said, “when will this happen, and what will be the sign of your coming and of the end of the age?”

The end of the age is the end of the church age which leads directly into the Tribulation period.

Jesus answered:

  • Watch out that no one deceives you.
  • For many will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am the Messiah,’ and will deceive many.
  • You will hear of wars and rumors of wars,
  • Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom.
  • There will be famines and earthquakes in various places.
  • 10 At that time many will turn away from the faith and will betray and hate each other,
  • 11 and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people.
  • 12 Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold, 
  • All these are the beginning of birth pains.”

The “birth” is the Tribulation and the Day of the Lord.
The “beginning of these pains are the days leading up to the Tribulation.
The days before the rapture, days the church will see and experience.

Let’s remember the men from the tribe of Issachar… 

1 Chronicles 12:32

“From the tribe of Issachar, there were 200 leaders of the tribe with their relatives. All these men understood the signs of the times and knew what to do…”


Times were changing.
King Saul’s leadership was being transferred to King David.
Each tribe had to answer the questions…
Which leader do we follow?
Where is God leading us?
Still GOOD questions to ask.

What is happening in our world?
Are you looking BEYOND how the stock market is doing or how home sales and home values are doing?

Most people are NOT.
This concerns me.

Things are happening right in front of us.
Do we, do you, understand the times we are living in and do you know WHAT to do?

Let’s talk about the beginning of birth pains.
The beginning of these pains are the days leading up to the Tribulation.
The days before the rapture, days the church will see and experience.
As with birth pains, the events listed in Matthew 24 will become more frequent and more intense as we get closer to the birth, the Tribulation.


What is happening in our world?
Most Americans are not following the events happening in our day. This is the main reason for this website – to keep you informed and prepared.
If we are not aware – how can we understand the times we live in and how can we know what to do?


Back to the opening headline…

 13,000 teens complete Hamas training camps to emulate ‘suicide martyrs’

On Monday 1-13-14, the Hamas government in Gaza celebrated the graduation of camps geared at training high-school students “to follow in the footsteps of the suicide martyrs.”

The camps, titled “the pioneers of liberation,” are run by Hamas. Some 13,000 students in grades 10-12 participated.

A Hamas official proclaimed …“Beware of this generation,”

“This is a generation which knows no fear. It is the generation of the missile, the tunnel and the suicide operations.”

The Hamas prime minister added that female trainers were also on staff “to oversee the training of the young women to follow in the footsteps of the female suicide operatives.

The interior minister said the training was in preparation for the coming war with Israel.

What coming war with Israel?!!  (Psalm 83????)

How many people are talking about this!!!!

Could you imagine what would be said if the United States held a training in Los Angeles or Chicago or New York for high school students to train them to be suicide martyrs??!!!!!!
Could you imagine such a thing??!!!!

Yet that is exactly what happened – just because it happened half way across the globe does not mean it will not have an impact on U.S. soil.

I’ll let your imagination think about the damage 13,000 trained suicide martyrs could do!

This was the 2nd year Hamas has held this training. Last year 5,000 students were trained.

Do you understand the day we live in and do you know what to do?

LA Times article from Monday 1-13-14
White House strikes “secret side deal” with Iran over nuclear issue

(You can read the article on our Facebook page)

The Los Angeles Times is reporting the existence of a secret 30-page document that spells out what Iran can and cannot do with its nuclear program.

The new agreement announced over the weekend, sets out a timetable for how Iran and the six nations, led by the United States, will implement a deal reached in November  (This deal is to begin being implemented as of Monday 1-20-14).

The side agreement is using the English word “nonpaper,” which is a diplomatic term used for an informal side agreement that doesn’t have to be disclosed publicly.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said Monday (1-13-14) that the text of the implementing agreement would be released to lawmakers. He said the six parties were weighing how much of the text they could release publicly.

According to a source the “secret side deal” worked out by the Obama administration:

  • Not a single Iranian nuclear facility will be shut down
  • Iran will continue to enrich uranium
  • Iran’s nuclear research operations will actually expand and
  • New, state-of-the-art centrifuges will be allowed to come on-line in Iran

We (the U.S. leadership) have agreed with Iran on the use and development of nuclear weapons and the details of that deal do not have to be revealed to the public???!!!

Peace talks in the Middle East…

Let’s go back to July 30, 2013…

In Washington, Israeli and Palestinian leaders had their first peace negotiations in nearly three years.  They set a time line of 9 months to reach an agreement.

Fast forward to January 2014, John Kerry is on his 10th trip to the Middle East to continue talks trying to work out a peace agreement.

FYI, the 9 months are up in 3 months (April 2014)

What happens when these efforts fail?
Why would I suggest the efforts will fail?

From a Biblical perspective we know they will…

Psalm 122:6 says we are to…
Pray for the peace of Jerusalem

Jerusalem won’t have real peace until the Lord returns!

From a theological perspective…
Muslim theology has the return of the 12th Imam  (also known as the Madi)

  • He will return in a time of Chaos to bring peace

In Christian doctrine, before the return of Jesus there is an anti-christ.
The anti-christ  will come on a platform of peace.
To come on a platform of peace there must be chaos and war.

Since there must be a time of great chaos and war, how can a peace treaty be reached by April 2014?
There is a day when peace will come…but we have not reached that point in history, not yet.

If all that is not enough craziness, what about what’s happening in Syria?

Can you believe Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad may be seeking re-election?

Last month (December 2013) a Russian diplomat said that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad should refrain from statements suggesting he might seek re-election because it could fuel tension before planned peace talks, peace talks that are due to start in Geneva on January 22, 2014.

What has happened in Syria over the last few years?

There’s been a 3 year civil war:

  • There’s been the use of chemical weapons
  • Over 100,000 Syrians have been killed  (most believe that number is over 130,000)
  • AP Reports: Jan 7, 2014- UN Decides To Stop Updating Syrian Death Toll
    • 5 million Syrians have been displaced
    • Creating over 2 million refugees – many of them children. These children are no longer in school. Their residence is temporary (???) and the countries they fled to cannot afford to educate them

Tuesday Jan 7th 2014

Syria’s Information Minister said the Syrian people have decided President Bashar al-Assad should be nominated for another term and would pressure him to stand in elections this year.


So in summary:

  • We have 13,000 teens being trained to be suicide martyrs in Gaza
  • We have a nuclear deal with Iran, where details are not being made public
  • We have a leader in Syria leading a civil war wanting to run for re-election
  • And we have peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians breaking down

We haven’t even touched on what’s happening in Egypt, and in Jordan with King Abdullah, or the news out of Saudi Arabia and their desire to have nuclear weapons. The Saudis did say that they were the ones who financed Pakistan’s nuclear weapons!

 Do you understand the day we live in and do you know what to do?

Stay tuned….
More to come …

Do you ever wonder what in the world is going on in Washington, D.C.?

All the defiance and rebellion…

All the political stuff going on in D.C.

  • The debt ceiling
  • The government shutdown
  • Obamacare- fund it or don’t fund it

Is this a matter or right versus wrong?
Is this a matter of what’s best and if so by whose opinion?

Let me take a different approach…

When Washington D.C. was designed there was much thought put into what the district would use to communicate its beliefs and to communicate its values.

Just like with a logo. Corporations spend millions making sure their logo represents who they are.  The logo should help people identify with the corporation’s values.

In D.C. we don’t have logos but we do have statues.
What is the background of these statues?
What do they represent? Do they represent the values of Washington?

Lady Freedom sits atop the U.S. Capitol building. Do you realize before she was Lady Freedom she was Athena?

Who is Athena?

The roots of that go all the way back to Genesis.
What does Genesis have to do with Washington?

It goes back to Babylon.

What is Babylon?  It’s an anti-god spirit.
It’s a spirit of lust and greed and everything that is anti-god.
Is this the foundation that represents our values?
Those leading us – what values do they hold to?
What is the foundation of all this?
As I said it goes all the way back to the time of Genesis.

Until the flood, the father, the head of the household, was in charge. There were no national leaders or kings. Then after the flood we have our first kingdom…

Genesis 10:8-12

Cush was the father of Nimrod, who became a mighty warrior on the earth… 10 The first centers of his kingdom were Babylon, Uruk, Akkad and Kalneh, in Shinar. 11 From that land he went to Assyria, where he built Nineveh, Rehoboth Ir, Calah 12 and Resen, which is between Nineveh and Calah—which is the great city.”

Nimrod, the founder of Babylon had a wife who became the head of the so-called Babylonian mysteries which was nothing more than a false religion.

Religious rites were developed as part of this idol worshipping and then legend has it that his wife, Semiramis claims she miraculously conceived a son Tammuz who was to be the savior of his people. This mystery religion claimed this birth fulfilled the promise God gave to Eve (Genesis 3) and thus a (false) messiah was born. The son Tammuz was supposedly killed by wild beasts and was brought back to life.

Idols picturing the mother as the queen of heaven were common throughout the ancient world. Religious rites, involving worshipping the mother and child, were introduced into certain rites promising purity from sin.

Both Ezekiel and Jeremiah spoke about the worship of Semiramis, the queen of heaven, and her son Tammuz.

Ezekiel 8:14

“Then he brought me to the entrance to the north gate of the house of the LORD, and I saw women sitting there, mourning for Tammuz”.

Jeremiah 7:18

“The children gather wood, the fathers light the fire, and the women knead the dough and make cakes of bread for the Queen of Heaven. They pour out drink offerings to other gods to provoke me to anger.”

Jeremiah 44:17-19

“We will certainly do everything we said we would: We will burn incense to the Queen of Heaven and will pour out drink offerings to her just as we and our fathers, our kings and our officials did in the towns of Judah and in the streets of Jerusalem. At that time we had plenty of food and were well off and suffered no harm. 18 But ever since we stopped burning incense to the Queen of Heaven and pouring out drink offerings to her, we have had nothing and have been perishing by sword and famine.” 19 The women added, “When we burned incense to the Queen of Heaven and poured out drink offerings to her, did not our husbands know that we were making cakes like her image and pouring out drink offerings to her?”

Numerous Babylonian monuments depict the goddess-mother Semiramis with her son in arm. The image of the mother and child became firmly entrenched in the pagan worship.

Worship of mother and child spread from Babylon to the ends of the earth, but were called different names in the languages of the various counties where their worship appeared.

  • The ancient Germans worshipped the virgin HERTHA.
  • The Scandinavians called her DISA.
  • In Egypt, the mother and her child were worshiped as ISIS with the infant OSIRIS or HORUS seated on his mother’s lap.
  • In India, the mother and child were called DEVAKI and KRISHNA, and also ISI and ISWARA as they are worshipped to this day.
  • In Asia, they were known as CYBELE and DEOIUS
  • In pagan Rome, as FORTUNA and JUPITER-PUER, or the boy JUPITER
  • In Greece, as CERES, the great mother with babe at her breast, or as IRENE, the goddess of peace, with the boy PLUTUS in her arms.
  • Even in Tibet, China, and Japan, Jesuit missionaries were astonished to find the Roman counterpart of MADONNA and child. SHING MOO, the holy mother in China was portrayed with a child in her arms and a glory around her.

Semiramis was worshiped in Ephesus as the pagan fertility goddess DIANA. She was referred to as a fertility goddess because she mothered all the numerous pagan gods representing the god-incarnate Nimrod. Diana was pictured with numerous breasts so that she could nurse all the pagan gods, and she wore a tower-shaped crown symbolizing the Babylonian tower of Babel.

In Scripture, Baal & Asherah lead the nations into idolatry (False Religion)

Nimrod is the patron god of the city of Babylon who rose to the head of Babylon’s pantheon during King Hummurabi’s reign.
Marduk became the manifestation of Nimrod.
Marduk was later worshipped in Babylon as Shamash.
Marduk was worshipped in Egypt as Osiris.
Marduk was worshipped in early Assyria as Bel.
Marduk was worshipped as Baal in Babylon, Assyria, Egypt and Israel.


Baal’s female counterpart was the goddess Asherah.
Asherah originated as Ishtar of Babylon.
Ishtar was the deification of Queen Semiramis of Babylon.
Ishtar was the mother goddess of Babylon (the Queen of heaven).
Ishtar is known as the …

  • goddess of fertility
  • goddess of sensuality & desire
  • goddess of freedom & liberty
  • goddess of war
  • Moon goddess
  • Planet goddess “Venus”

Ishtar evolved into Isis the “mother goddess” of Egypt.
Ishtar evolved into Astarte of the Sidonians (Hebrew Ashtoreth) 1 Kings 11


1 Kings 11:4-6

As Solomon grew old, his wives turned his heart after other gods, and his heart was not fully devoted to the LORD his God, as the heart of David his father had been. 5 He followed Ashtoreth the goddess of the Sidonians, and Molech the detestable god of the Ammonites. 6 So Solomon did evil in the eyes of the LORD; he did not follow the LORD completely, as David his father had done.”


  • Ishtar evolved into Asherah who Jezebel worshipped
  • Ishtar evolved into Artemis of Greece and Diana of Rome
  • Ishtar evolved into Athena of Greece
  • Athena evolved into Minerva of Rome


Queen Semiramis is the original female goddess of false religion
She is later known as Ishtar  (Babylon)
Who is later known as Asherah
Who is later known as Isis  (Egypt)
Who is later known as Astarte
Who is later known as Artemis or Diana (Greece/Rome)
Who is later known as Athena (Greece)
Who is later known as Minerva (Rome)
Who is later known as Juno (Rome)
Who is later known as Libertas (Lady Liberty)
Who is later known as Columbia  (D.C. is named after her)


As nations transitioned – the gods transition but it was still the same spirit.

And we ask what is going on in Washington, D.C.?????


Athena evolved into Juno of Rome

The snake wrapped around the broken pillar is Ishtar’s sacred memorial  pillar to Nimrod & Tamuz

This “memorial” is seen with Juno, Athena and with Minerva.

This “memorial” to Nimrod and Tamuz is also on the statue of Minerva over the west entrance of the U.S. Capitol.

Juno became Libertas of Rome – NOTICE – Libertas sitting on an eagle!

Lady Freedom

Libertas is called:

The Freedom goddess
Lady freedom
The goddess of liberty
Lady liberty


The “Light of Libertas” during the American Revolution – again with an eagle


Lady Liberty of the American Revolution

GoldCoinLady Liberty on the U.S. American Eagle Gold Coin

As nations transitioned – the gods transitioned but it was still the same spirit.


The goddess in China’s Tiananmen Square, known as the goddess of democracy

Eiffel Tower

Lady Liberty in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris


Athena carries Isis’ spear as does the woman on the seal of New Jersey. Notice the snake as a monument to Nimrod and Tamuz.


2 titles all of these pagan goddesses have are:
goddess of freedom and liberty
and  goddess of war




Athena is the Freedom goddess
She sits on top of the U.S. Capitol Building, Washington, D.C.


In Washington D.C., Baal is represented by the Washington Monument and Asherah is represented by the U.S. Capitol building with the freedom goddess.

statue of liberty

Athena is also America’s Liberty goddess
The Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor

The most famous of the Freedom goddess’ is America’s Statue of Liberty. The head of Lady Liberty’s statue wears a crown with solar rays, similar to the crown on the Colossus of Rhodes, a magnificent monument to the Sun God Helios that once stood astride a Greek harbor and was considered one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.


“Libertas” is also Columbia
Hollywood, CA.
Like D.C. Hollywood also has that Babylonian anti-god spirit.

Europa 1

She also became the goddess Europa …
Europe is named after the goddess Europa.
Legend has it that the goddess was kidnapped by Zeus who was in the form of a bull. This is why you see such statues of the female goddess riding a bull throughout Europe.


Europa riding on a bull is a symbol of the European Union


Sculpture outside the Council of Ministers Office in Brussels, Belgium


The “Woman Riding the Beast
EU Magazine – May 2000

German Phone Card

German Phone Card

wall street

U.S. Wall Street Bull

time magazine

Time Magazine’s United Europe

The Sacred Pillars of Asherah – are built into …


New York Stock Exchange

capitol 2

The U.S. Capitol Building

The pagan god “Mars” is standing on the outside floor to the left of the entrance to the U.S. Capitol.

supreme court

The United States Supreme Court

Pagan gods perched on top of the pillars of Asherah.
Libertas is in the center. To her right is the god of order and to her left is the god of authority. Moses is on the back door – in between Confucius & Solon (the Greek god of justice). Other law makers within the Supreme Court are: Hammurabi, Menes, Solomon, Draco, Octavian & Mohammed


Baal’s sacred pillar is the obelisk (The phallic symbol)
The word obelisk literally mean “Baal’s shaft” or “Baal’s organ of reproduction

Some well-known Obelisks…

  • Luxor Temple in Egypt
  • Luxor hotel in Las Vegas
  • Caesarea Israel (Jezebel & Ahab, 1 Kings 16)

The Washington Monument (the largest obelisk in the world)

  • Height – 555.6 feet or 6,666 inches tall
  • Width at base is 55.6 feet or 666 inches wide
  • parli

The European Parliament has three places of work – Brussels (Belgium), Luxembourg and Strasbourg. Luxembourg is home to the administrative offices. Meetings of the whole Parliament take place in Strasbourg and in Brussels.

Ever since its completion on December 14 1999, the EU parliament, in Strasbourg, France, has raised eyebrows and questions regarding its structure. The main tower, called the “Louise Weiss” building, looks peculiar and modernist. Why does it look unfinished? Promoters say it reflects the “unfinished nature of Europe”. However, some research on the subject reveals the dark and deep symbolism of the building.

We’ll go straight to the point: the Louise Weiss building is meant to look like painting “The Tower of Babel” by Pieter Brueghel the Elder in 1563. The Tower of Babel was never completed. So, the UN Parliament is basically continuing the unfinished work of Nimrod.


Painting of the Tower of Babel (1563)