U.S. Economy & War

US Economy

When there is a transition from one world power to another, there seems to be a shaking that happens in that transition period. That transition seems to involve two areas. First it affects the economy of the nation being transitioned out and it involves warfare. Historically one can see this when the Babylonians conquered the Assyrians or when the Persians conquered the Babylonians. It was the same for the Greeks over the Persians and the Romans over the Greeks. Is the world we live in today involved in another transition? Are we being transitioned out of a worldly kingdom into God’s kingdom? Every generation that has lived since the Apostle Paul has believed that they would be the last generation; they believed the Lord Jesus Christ was going to return sometime in their lifetime. Of all these generations – one will be right!

No one can put a date or a time on when this amazing event will take place, however Jesus did tells us that there would be “birth pains”. Any woman who has become a mother can testify that birth pains get stronger and stronger the closer one gets to actually giving birth. Our world is being shaken. Not just one country but the entire globe is feeling the effects of natural disasters, financial chaos and rumors of war.

At some point Russia will rise in global prominence. For the prophecy of Ezekiel 38 to be fulfilled, Russia will have to be able to form alliances with certain nations. In order for that to happen, America will have to lose some of its world power. Despite what people may think, the United States of America still has the strongest military in the world and the American dollar is still the world’s currency. Can those two factors change? Yes. And some day they probably will. What would happen if America suffered severe financial collapse causing the dollar to no longer be the world’s currency? What would happen if the rapture took place and America lost a percentage of its population? Would that open the door for a nation like Russia to rise in power leading to the fulfillment of Ezekiel 38 and setting the stage for the anti-christ to rule?


No one knows the day or the hour but the birth pains are getting stronger. Is it false labor or are the current world events the real deal?

Here are some global headlines on the U.S. Economy and War…

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Can the government seize your tax refund to pay a relative’s debt?

Amazing Graphic Shows Chicago’s Middle Class Disappear Before Your Eyes

‘God’s Not Dead’ Actor Says His Opinions, Christian Beliefs Have Cost Him Jobs in Hollywood

Franklin Graham: Some Administration Officials Are ‘Anti-Christ’

Billy Graham’s Daughter on Missing Malaysia Airlines Plane and the Rapture: ‘Glimpse of Things to Come?’

‘God’s Not Dead’ Star Kevin Sorbo Says Talking With Someone as Angry as Bill Maher Is Pointless

News Anchor Cries During Surprise Reunion With Adopted Boy She Helped Find a Family (VIDEO)

Canadian Catholic School Being Pressured to Teach All Religions Are Equal

Bibles decried as ‘religious propaganda,’ banned from Iowa State University hotel

Satanists unveil design for OK statehouse statue

Obama’s new boast: ‘I can do whatever I want’

Praise the Lord and pass the beer, change is brewing among American Christians

Chick-fil-A Employees Trudge Through Snowstorm to Feed Stranded Motorists

“Children Belong to All of Us,” Common Core Promoter Says; Opponents Are ‘Tiny Minority’ of “Fringe Voices”

School Officials Tell 8-Year-Old Not to Bring Bible to Class: ‘It’s Only for Church—Not School’

Gay Couple Featured on Disney Channel’s ‘Good Luck Charlie’; Lesbian Moms on Kid’s TV Show Sparks Controversy

Christians Are Following Secular Trends in Premarital Sex, Cohabitation Outside of Marriage, Says Dating Site Survey

Katy Perry Grammy Awards ‘Dark Horse’ performance shows singer’s rejection of childhood Christian Values; Witchcraft, satanic symbolism completes transition from Gospel singer roots

Prove it: Bank blocking some customers from making large withdrawals without ‘evidence’ of spending need

Fear Is Mounting On Wall Street That The Fed Will ‘Fall Behind The Curve’ Like In 1994

U.S. women’s hockey goalie forced to remove Constitution from mask

‘Hand of God’ captured in NASA image

Rubio: War on Poverty has been lost

FAA announces drone testing sites in six states

Live Same-Sex ‘Wedding’ to Be Part of New Year’s Tournament of Roses Parade

Watch a Young Billy Graham Teach the Meaning of Christmas in 1952 (VIDEO)

Kids, parents fight back after humanist group threatens another school over Christmas toy drive

Billy Graham Sounds Alarm for 2nd Coming

Chase Bank Initiates Capital Controls, Limits Cash Withdrawals & Bans International Bank Wires!

High School Choir Director Hatches Bold Plan to Fight Back After District Cracks Down on Religious-Themed Holiday Music

US Gov’t Shutdown: 800,000 Furloughed Workers, Museums Closed, Obamacare Health Exchanges Go Into Effect Today

Bill Maher Says Atheism Will Be the ‘New Gay Marriage,’ Grow in Acceptance

Students Worldwide to Assemble in Prayer at School Flagpoles for ‘See You at the Pole’ Day

Apple Still Hasn’t Answered Why Its New Operating System Lists Jerusalem Without Israel — but the Israeli Gov’t Has, and It Isn’t Happy

‘Religion is the Enemy of Science’: Bill Maher Urges ‘The Science Guy’ to Attack Biblical Creation

German boy finds a mummy in his grandmother’s attic

10-Year-Old Banned From Writing About God By Memphis Teacher, Told to Remove Paper From School Property

Oxford Dictionary to Change Definition of Marriage to Include Gays

New Jersey Governor Signs Law Banning Counseling, Therapy for Youth Struggling With Homosexuality

California Considers Punishing Youth Groups Against Homosexuality as ‘Bathroom Bill’ Becomes Law

Hindenburg Omen’ hovering over Wall Street again

California law allows transgender students to pick bathrooms

Texas Senator Warns Hate Speech Charges ‘Next Step’ for Pastors Who Oppose Same-Sex ‘Marriage’

Alabama Prayer Caravan Event Draws Record Crowds Despite Opposition From Atheists

Billy Graham: If Ever There Was a Time America Needed God’s Intervention, It’s Now

IRS Chief: I Want to Keep My Health Care Plan, Not Switch to Obamacare

Colorado Civil Rights Division Rules Elementary School Must Allow Boy to Use Girls’ Restroom

Petition Filed on White House Website to Ban the Teaching of Creation in U.S. Schools

Pastor to Defy City’s Denial of Permit to Hold Fourth of July Church Service on Public Beach

How a Dog Called Obi Changed a Pennsylvania Church and Its Community

San Antonio Looks to Ban Christians From City Government

San Antonio Looks to Ban Christians From City Government

Missionary Footage Captures Emotion of Chinese Christians Receiving Bibles for the First Time

Bible Found in OK Tornado Debris Opened to Isaiah 32:2, Providing Hope for Many

AP: Many Will Have Insurance Cancelled Due to ObamaCare

AP: Many Will Have Insurance Cancelled Due to ObamaCare

America’s First Atheist Monument to Be Displayed Outside Florida Courthouse

Milwaukee Elementary School’s ‘Gender Bender’ Crossdressing Day Shocks, Angers Parents

TV Nudity Is Increasingly Being Rated Acceptable For Kids

Texas Gov. Perry signs ‘Merry Christmas’ bill into law

Texas Valedictorian’s Mic Cut After Deviating From Approved Speech to Talk About Jesus, Constitution

Methodist University Expels Chick-fil-A From Campus

Mark Burnett: God Was Present on Set of ‘The Bible’

Christians May Have to Choose God over Gov’t.

‘Love Wins’ Author Rob Bell Supports Gay Marriage

Texas Cheerleaders Fight to Promote the God’s Word

Obama Reaffirms US Commitment to Israel’s Security

Oregon Teacher Escorted From High School By Police For Opposing Planned Parenthood in Classroom

UK Elementary Teacher Facing Disciplinary Action For Refusal to Read ‘Gay’ Penguins Book to Children

The Obamacare Revolt: Physicians Fight Back Against the Bureaucratization of Health Care

Wells Fargo says cyber attack disrupting website

Atheist Activist Group Demands That City Remove Cross From Vietnam War Monument


Starbucks CEO to Shareholder: If You Support Biblical Marriage, Sell Your Shares

Study Shows Nearly Half of First Birth Babies Born Out of Wedlock

FAU Student Claims He Was Suspended For Refusing To Step On Jesus

Arizona lawmakers back gold, silver as currency

Church Tells Gentleman’s Clubgoers ‘Strip for Me’ on Billboard

World Vision Works to End Global Water Crisis With Innovative Manual Pump

No Mention of God During Oral Argument Before U.S. Supreme Court in Prop 8 Case

Ohio Supreme Court Hears Case of Science Teacher Fired for Questioning Evolution

Army Labeled Evangelicals as Religious Extremists

US Secretly Deploys B-1 Strategic Bombers, E-6 “Doomsday” Planes Near North Korea

Evangelists Grieve Over Seattle: ‘It’s Come to a Place Where Grown Men Beg for Money for Marijuana’

Survey Finds Many High School Seniors More Worried About Student-Loan Debt Than Getting Into College

Episcopal Priest Bashes ‘Religious Right’ During ‘Easter’ Service Attended By Obama Family

Obama sends Congress $3.77 trillion spending plan


Ex-Porn Star Crissy Moran on the Influence of Music and Christian Marriage

Study: Homeschoolers Are Healthier, Happier Than Public, Private School Students

Supreme Court Expected to Decide Whether Constitution Requires States to Legalize Gay Marriage

Poverty the Product of ‘Broken Relationships,’ Says Christian Economics Professor

Cypriots shocked as euro bail out includes 10pc tax on bank accounts

Resistance in Cyprus Grows to Europe’s Bailout Plan

Sacred mystery: Blockbuster ratings for ‘The Bible’ confound Hollywood

Washington Florist Receiving Threats After Refusing Order For Homosexual ‘Wedding’

Blind in Uganda Can Now Read the Bible

Evangelists Arrested for Preaching at NJ Train Station Still Facing Jail Time as Trial Continues

Obama’s Israel Itinerary Includes Some Standard Stops, but Not Others

Teen’s Poem Against Homosexuality Goes Viral, Sends Same-Sex Advocates Into a Spiral

Obamacare to Add $6.2 Trillion to National Deficit; Obama Claimed It Wouldn’t Add a Dime

Americans Warned: Homeschoolers Stripped of Rights

Kansas and Kentucky Move to Protect Religious Freedom

Texas Senate Committee Approves Bill to Expel Planned Parenthood From Public Schools

North Dakota Becomes Second State to Pass Bill Criminalizing Abortions Where Heartbeat is Detected

Mother Who Chose Life Brings Baby Back to Abortion Facility to Thank Sidewalk Counselor

Salaries for members of Congress can’t be cut by sequester

Spending cuts due to ground Navy’s Blue Angels flying team

Georgia Baseball Coach Resigns Following Complaint Over Bible Citation on Team Ball Caps

Chicago Board of Education Approves Sex Ed For Kindergarteners

Virginia Swears in First Openly Homosexual Judge

U.S. Budget Cuts Could Shift Regional Military Commands’ Requirements

Elderly Woman Dies After Nurse Refuses to Give Her CPR

The Sequester Cut of White House Tours Equals 2 Hours of Air Force One

Are You Living in a Constitution Free Zone?

U.S. Map of Constitution Free Zone

Our National Sex Day

The Future of Marriage

Proposed Texas Bill Grants Doctors Authority to Deny CPR to Patients

Vermont Senate Committee Unanimously Approves Assisted Suicide Bill

NJ Assembly Panel Approves Assisted Suicide Ballot Initiative

Eight Cultural Trends the Church Needs to Understand to Prepare for the New Normal

A Vision for our Churches is a Vision for our Nation

Proposed Connecticut Bill Mandates Mental Health Assessments for Homeschooled Children

The Question of Evil

Christian Music Legend Carman Diagnosed With Cancer

Why Beyonce Is Not A Role Model for Today’s Youth

Christians Don’t Have Jobs, They Have Ministry

“Boomerang Foreclosures” Are Back As Bernanke’s Second Housing Bubble Begins To Pop

Obama Nominates Attorney to Be Nation’s First Openly Homosexual Federal Circuit Judge

Paul Ryan: Obama ‘Delusional’ on Debt

$9.00 wage alone doesn’t get workers out of poverty

Student loans: Welcome to subprime university


Obama Signs Debt-Ceiling Law. Now What?

‘Not believing in God makes life more precious’: meet the atheist ‘churchgoers’

Oregon Baker Under Investigation For Denying ‘Wedding’ Cake to Lesbians

Baltimore Raven linebacker uses Super Bowl spotlight to promote gay marriage

Churches Cancel Services for Super Bowl

Costliest safety in NFL history? Harbaugh — and his punter — cost Las Vegas millions

Church Says Wounded Warrior Project Refused Their Money

New Jersey Congressman Blasts Biblical Creation, Proposes National ‘Darwin Day’ Holiday

Happy 100th Birthday Income Tax

Up next: Credit card checkout fees

Former Reagan budget director warns of new housing bubble

Dollar Shows Serious Signs of Trouble

Wisconsin sheriff urges residents to arm themselves

Obama: Boy Scouts should end ban on gay members

Barack Obama urges Boy Scouts to end ban on gay members

Beware ‘Credit Supernova’ Looming Ahead

Provocative Clothing Company Creates Tees to Help Christian Girls be ‘Playful’ for Jesus

Group hands out Bibles at Florida high schools in Orange County

Florida Atheists Plan to Distribute ‘An X-Rated Book’ to Students to Counter Bible Giveaway

Wisconsin County Unanimously Votes to Keep Prayer in Board Meetings Despite Threats From Atheists

OBAMA SECRETLY PLEDGES TO DIVIDE JERUSALEM. Will press Israel into new so-called land-for-peace talks

New York Governor Pushing Bill for 3rd-Term Abortions

Army Removes Crosses, Steeple from Chapel

Mission told not to feed the homeless in Seattle city parks

Bill Clinton named ‘Father of the Year’

Fed keeps stimulus in place as U.S. economy “paused”

Economic growth shrinks in fourth quarter

Countdown to the Collapse

To Outsmart ObamaCare, Go Protean

U.S. Mint Silver Coins Run Out as Buying at 5-Year High

New Jersey Substitute Teacher Fired for Giving Student His Bible

Walmart Pharmacist Fired After Being Accused of Praying With Crying Customer

Female Students Seeking ‘Sugar Daddies’ to Pay Way Through College Doubles

U.S. Army is now looking for people to work at internment camps.


US Mint Sells Massive 3.9 Million Ounces Of Silver Coins In First Few Days Of 2013, Triple December’s Total

Barring a Debt Ceiling Solution, the US Will Begin Defaulting on February 15 2013

After the Debt-Ceiling Breach: What Day 1 in Default America Might Look Like

Why 2013 Will End in a Severe Recession

To Democrats, deficits no longer matter

U.N. wants to use drones for peacekeeping missions

Global economy: Who can drive the recovery?

Governments urged to prepare for the worst

The US Has Gone Over The ‘Demographic Cliff’ And Markets Will Crash This Summer


Geithner Said to Plan Departure Before Debt Ceiling Deal

Gun checks soar 39 percent, set new record: FBI

Federal officials take down 132 websites in ‘Cyber Monday’ crackdown

Hospitals will see massive layoffs, decline in 2013

Boehner rejected White House offer to avoid the “fiscal cliff”

CEOs warn Obama, Congress to avoid ‘fiscal cliff’

About that Gallup poll: Is Romney really up by 7? And will Obama win the election anyway?

Demand for child-free zones grows as more adults opt out of parenthood

U.S. credit rating will be cut: Pimco

U.S. Fiscal Cliff ‘single biggest threat’ to global economy, Fitch warns

Consumers Showing Little Fear of ‘Fiscal Cliff’

Newsweek to axe print edition

3 bank failures bring US 2012 total to 46

“The NSA Is Lying”: U.S. Government Has Copies of Most of Your Emails Says NSA Whistleblower

Whistleblower Binney says the NSA has dossiers on nearly every US citizen

The End of Privacy?

US Holding ‘Hundreds’ of Meetings with Jihad-Linked Group

Growing Number of Young German Muslims Becoming Jihadi Fighters

Mired in Gridlock, Congress Barrels Toward a Fiscal Cliff Over Debt

New York Fed plan aims to stop runs on money funds

Corn, soybean prices shoot up as drought worsens

Global Wheat price rises by 21% to $347/ton

Libor fraud exposes Wall Street’s rotten core

The banking scandal Wall Street fears

Congress steps up efforts to regulate drones

Reports: Media Matters head coordinates with White House, builds super PAC

Troops march in San Diego gay parade – in uniform

Vast F.D.A. Effort Tracked E-Mails of Its Scientists

U.S. Is Building Criminal Cases in Rate-Fixing

Market rumor: Pimco and JP Morgan halt vacations to prepare for economic crash

Rockefellers and Rothschilds Unite

China and Japan to begin direct currency trading

AIG Chief Sees Retirement Age as High as 80 After Crisis

Global share prices tumble as eurozone panic spreads. Bad news from US and China suggests Europe’s crisis is hitting economies worldwide

Tokyo Hits 28-Year Low Amid Global Rout

Three Months to Save the Euro: George Soros

Alarm bells in the U.S.

Europe Is Literally Running Out of Money

Europe Is About to Implode… Are You Ready?

Why Spain Is Officially Europe’s Biggest Crisis

Spain faces ‘total emergency’ as fear grips markets

Greece Could Implode the Second Bailout and the EU by Mid-June

Gold reserves to play a key role in new economic order

Bilderberg 2012: bigger and badder and better than ever

Bilderberg 2012: bring on the Bilderbabes

U.S. stocks fall 2%-plus, adding to week’s gloom. Dow gives up gains for year; Gold surges, dollar sinks

Silver to bounce back, rally likely in coming months

Iran announces replacement for SWIFT banking system

Customer Shocked “Allocated” Gold Not in Swiss Bank

Arabic Mandatory at City Public School

SWIFT Spells Trouble for China, BRIC Nations in Fight for Global

‘We Are Preparing For Massive Civil War’ Says DHS Informant

Be Afraid Europe, Be Very Afraid – Tim Geithner Is Now “Helping” You

Shareholders Just Don’t Care About Wal-Mart Scandal

GM Chops At Pension Plan Liabilities

‘First Amendment rights can be terminated’: When cops, cameras don’t mix

Report Estimates 8 Million Children Hurt by Foreclosures

Country to Face Major Tests on Taxes And Budget: Geithner

How Long Before America Hits the Wall?

China allows banks to short sell dollars

Details Of The $291 Trillion In Derivatives To Which American Taxpayers Are Exposed

Afghan and Iraqi Woes

Seventeen Trillion Reasons to Repeal Obamacare

“Not if, but when” for Spanish bailout, experts believe

Obama tightens oil and gas drilling regulations

Homebuilder Outlook Plunges, Reversing Spring Rebound

$4 gas reinforces trend toward lower U.S. fuel consumption

 First round of Supreme Court health care hearings not about health care

Goldman Sees An “Unusually Uncertain” Future And Another Debt Ceiling Hike Just In Time For The Presidential Election

Bernanke – Additional Accommodation Is Entirely Possible

The U.K. Is Not O.K.

Cliff Notes for 2013 – What Lies Ahead

More Bad News for the Dollar

Gas Prices Signal Tsunami of Inflation

Bernanke getting angry at the bond market

Chinese Business Media Cautions Japanese Bond Bubble Is Ready To Burst, Anticipates 40% Yen Devaluation

Birmingham judge clears way for record bankruptcy by Alabama’s largest county

U.S. STOCKS-Wall St. drops most in 3 months on Greece, economy

Netanyahu to Obama: We can’t wait much longer, Iran has not one but ten Fordows

Eric Holder: U.S. can kill citizen terrorists abroad

Attorney General Explains Why It’s Okay to Kill U.S. Citizens Without a Trial

Panetta: When all else fails, the U.S. will act against Iran

Greece bubbles towards a third bailout and boiling point

Stop ‘shielding’ Israel, Palestinians tell Obama

Debt doomsday may come sooner than expected

Countdown to Market Peak Has Begun

How will the 2013 Defense Budget Cuts Affect America’s Economy?

Obama’s Defense Cuts Could Cost Economy $61 Billion While Endangering National Security

Halftime in Detroit : Taxpayers will be paying for the auto bailouts for decades to come

The Rise of the Petrodollar System: “Dollars for Oil”

U.S. Credit Card Debt near Toxic Level

3 Doomsday Experts foresee economic devastation ahead

U.S. and Israel update Iran intelligence for Obama-Netanyahu summit

Israel wouldn’t warn US on Iran strike